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The Hospice Volunteer

Guardian Hospice believes that hospice voluteers are an integral part of the hsopice team.  Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and can fill any number of positions.  They can provide relief to caregivers and families, read to patients, help with home chores, run errands, help with light yard work or provide assistance in the Guardian Hospice office.

Why Volunteer?


The dictionary defines a guardian as  one who guards, protects or preserves.  We at Guardian Hospice are dedicated to just that, guarding the individuals dignity, protecting their right to conscious living and conscious dying and preserving their right to function at their highest capacity by remaining as pain free as possible until the very end.  We believe in providing as much support as the individual and family desire.  We would love to have you as part of our team and invite you to join us in our mission to guard dignity, maintain comfort and promote a peaceful journey for patients and families. 

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers can decide where they would like to serve by what they like to do best.  Our volunteer Coordinator would be happy to meet with you individually and discuss your talents and the many ways your volunteer service could impact patients and families in a time of need.... Please call our helpful staff at 903-868-0267, if you are interested in being a volunteer.

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